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About Us

Our aim at Traveldri Plus is to give you the customer top quality products that will take your motorcycling experiences a step nearer to perfection.

From personal experience hiking, climbing and riding through the mountains in Scotland, the Himalayas and across African deserts we know what products perform in adverse weather conditions, and the ones that are likely to let you down.

Orders are usually dispatched within 24 hours of confirmation.

The entire range of products are continually being tested by The Traveldri Team to ensure that we are completely satisfied with their quality and suitability.

Buying with confidence is assured.

Suppliers to:

BBC N. IrelandNatural History Unit

Damon l'Anson. (Bike magazine) Altitude record for a motorcycle(Sept 06)

Pankaj Travedi. (Bike Magazine) Altitude record for a motorcycle (Sept. 06)

Chris Scott.  Desert Traveller/ Author Adventure Motorcyce Handbooks.

Michael Carter.  Observer Columnist.  Author Uneasy Rider

Kevin & Julia Sanders. Guinness® Double World record holders.

Matthew CashmoreLondon Biker  Journey to Russia  BBC & Lonely Planet.

Lorna Thomas.  Heroes & Legends Competitor.  Director Rainbow BMW.

Chris Emerson.  Paris-Dakar Competitor.

John Fulton.  Maniging Director 'Wildcat Adventures'.

Cynthia Milton.  Around the World motorcycle traveller (2004-2007).

Grant & Sue Johnson.  Mr. & Mrs. Horizons Unlimited.

Richard Harvey.  World of BMW Tour Director.

Rod Organ.  Proffesional photographer and artist.  Dakar to Timbuktu and back.

Nick Fairfax.  Team Leader 'White Nights Ride'.  (Vladivostock to St. Petersburg).

Rose Cecil. Team member 'White Knights Ride. (BMW R1150GSA).

Sam Manicom.  Global traveller & Journalist.

Stace Martin.  Journey to Russia.   Overland to Morocco.










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